Pingz FAQ

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1.0 General


1.1 What is Pingz?
  • Pingz is a quick and powerful app for creating and sharing photo-based, Zoom and Point (ZAP) video messages. With Pingz, you can take and/or select a few images, and, while recording, everything you say and do to photos (swipe, zoom and/or point) is captured and turned into a video message you can share anywhere.

1.2 How do I get Pingz?

1.3 How many versions of Pingz are there?

  • Version 1.0 was launched on February 6, 2015. Three versions have been released since; one on February 26, 2015, one on March 27, 2015 and the most recent version, 1.1, on July 14, 2015.

1.4 How many images does Pingz support?

  • Free: 3 images
  • With IAP: 9 images

1.5 What is the maximum length of a Pingz video message?

  • Free: 30 seconds
  • With IAP: 90 seconds

1.6 How do I get support?

1.7 Why Pingz?

  • Jigsaw developed Pingz to bring the power of our patent-pending Zoom and Point (ZAP) Technology to everyday users that want to use photo-based, Zoom and Point (ZAP) video messages to make their point… personally!

1.8 Can I get a customized version of Pingz for my company or organization?

1.9 What is the difference between Pingz and ZapVM?

  • ZapVM is a fully-featured, image-based, Zoom and Point (ZAP) video creation and sharing app that is primarily intended for professional users who want to create image-based, ZAP video messages. ZapVM is optimized for the iPhone (but it does run on iPad). Pingz, with its highly intuitive user interface and slimmed-down feature set, is intended to address a broader audience of users. Pingz also features a 2nd generation scalable software architecture that is inherently optimized for use on iPhones, iPads and, in the not too distant future, Android devices. The Pingz architecture provides a foundation for future image-based ZAP video creation and sharing apps. 
1.10 What is the plan for ZapVM?
  • ZapVM will continue to be available on the App Store for the foreseeable future, with new versions coming out on an as-needed basis. ZapVM is a cool app and lots of people use it and love it. Jigsaw is considering bringing out a ZapVM 2.0 in the future that would combine some of the advanced features of ZapVM with the ease-of-use of Pingz.   If ZapVM 2.0 sounds interesting to you, please email us at and let us know your thoughts. 

2.0 Hardware & OS


2.1 What devices does Pingz currently support?

  • iPhone 4s and newer
  • iPad 2 and newer
  • iPod touch 5th generation and newer

2.2 What versions of iOS does Pingz currently support?

  • iOS 7.0 and above

2.3 Is there an Android version?

  • Coming soon! Sign up HERE if you want to be notified and be among the first to get access.

3.0 Images


3.1 Does Pingz have an in-app camera?

  • Yep! You can take one image at a time using the in-app camera.

3.2 From where can I select photos/images?

  • You can select photos from your device’s camera roll, albums you’ve created, and/or shared photo streams.

3.3 I want to add more to my Pingz. How do I do that?

  • If have more image space available, there are two ways you can add photos to your Pingz:
    • On the Record screen, tap the Add Images button. From there you can take a new photo or you can select more photos from your camera roll, albums or photo stream.
    • You can also tap the hamburger menu (top left button), and select “Add, Delete, Sort Images” >> If you have more image space available you should see a big + button to add or take a new image. You can also delete or reorder images.

3.4 How can I remove the watermark from my video messages?

  • Removing the watermark requires an upgrade (only $2.99 and you have the option forever!).
    • To purchase the Remove Watermark feature, tap the hamburger menu, scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap Pingz Store. Tape Remove Watermark Option to purchase.
    • To remove the watermark, tap the hamburger menu, and then under SETTINGS tap the toggle next to “Show Watermark.” 

3.5 Can I remove the last image that is automatically appended to my video?

  • You certainly can! That image is called the Signature Page. To remove the Signature Page, tap the hamburger menu, scroll down and look under SETTINGS. Tap the toggle next to Signature Page and your Pingz video will no longer display it.

4.0 Recording


4.1 What video formats and aspect ratios does Pingz support?

  • Pingz outputs MP4 videos in either 3:4 or 4:3 aspect ratios
  • Portrait videos are 3:4  – ideal for texting, emailing, facebook, etc.
  • Landscape videos are 4:3 – ideal for YouTube, websites,  etc.
  • Helpful hint: for the best looking Pingz videos try to use 4:3 when you use mostly landscape images and 3:4 when you use mostly portrait videos.

4.2 Can I change my aspect ratio?

  • Yes!  Tap the hamburger menu (top left button) and scroll down to the button that says “Output Format.” Tap the button to select a new format. You can select a 3:4 portrait format or a 4:3 landscape format.

4.3 What is the maximum length of a Pingz video message?

  • Free: 30 seconds
  • With IAP: 90 seconds

4.4 How do I pause a recording?

  • Simply tap the Record button to pause your recording. Tap Record another time to start recording once again.

4.5 What does the Pause button do during recording?

  • When you tap Record to pause, everything you have recorded up to that point is saved in a segment. You can see the number of segments you have by looking at the dark lines in the progress bar (above the toolbar). So, one thing you can do during pause is delete segments from your recording.
  • You can also adjust some of your settings during a pause. For example, you can adjust your output format or change your pointer.

4.6 How do I delete a segment?

  • When you pause your recording, two options instantly become available to either side of the record button. To the left, you’ll see the option to “DELETE.” Tap DELETE once to remove the last segment from your recording. You can continue deleting segments you have created, starting with your most recent, or you can tap the record button to continue recording your message.
  • You can also tap PREVIEW to the right of the record button if you’d like to watch what you’ve already recorded before deleting any segments.

4.7 How do I use the pointer?

  • The pointer is on by default. While you are recording, single tap anywhere on your image to apply the pointer.

4.8 How do I change the pointer?

  • You can change the pointer with ease right from the Record screen. The Pointer Toolbox is on the top left side of the screen. Simply tap the Pointer icon, and a menu of Pointer options will appear. Select your new Pointer by tapping the Pointer Shape you want to use. Begin recording to see it in action!
  • You can also change pointers once you’ve started recording… tap the Record button to pause your recording. When you pause your recording, the Pointer Toolbox will reappear in the top left side of the screen. Select your new pointer, then tap the Record button to continue where you left off.
  • When you select a pointer, it is saved as your default for future use.

4.9 Can I zoom in on an image while recording?

  • Yep! Double-tap or pinch anywhere on the image to zoom into that point.

4.10 How far in can I zoom on my images?

  • When you double-tap, the image zooms to 200% of the original size. As of v1.1, if you pinch zoom, the image zooms to 500% of the original size.

4.11 Can I save my recordings in progress?

  • When you tap the Pause button everything recorded up to that point is saved as a segment.

4.12 How many segments can I have?

  • There’s no limit! Helpful Hint: The more often you pause, the more you save!

4.13 Can I go back and edit my recordings?

  • You can delete the most recent segment to re-record or start over
  • From the Share screen, you can go back and continue recording if you have time left, or delete the most recent segment to free up some time

5.0 Known Issues


5.1 I have an Android device and my Apple friend sent me a looks weird. Is it just me?

  • Nope. It isn’t. When a video, any video, is sent via SMS, the service provider may compress it… which causes it to lose some of its excellence.  Specifically, the sound may not be as crisp and the video quality may not be as great. One thing you can do is play around with the display options on your video player, that might help reduce the weirdness. The rest is kind of out of our hands, sorry about that! Tell your friend to use another messaging service next time, like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. And remember the same rules will apply to you when Pingz arrives on the Google Play store (soon!!!). 
5.2 I cropped my images in the camera roll before I added them to my Pingz message, but the original uncropped images are there instead! What the heck?
  • On devices running iOS 7, cropped or filtered images from your camera roll may not retain their modifications. Sorry about that! Good news though, we’ve got a fix for this in the works and plan to have an update out very soon. In the mean time, if you’re in desperate need of a crop, you can try one of your other photo editing apps to make the modification and save it to your camera roll.

FAQ: General | Hardware & OS | Images | Recording | Known Issues