Adding text to photo based messages can be frustrating. Giving them context can result in endless autocorrect fails and time invested in typing. With Pingz™, you can share images as if you were there in person, with your voice. Simply select your photos, then Zoom And Point (ZAP) as you speak to your images, You can even add a music track from your device to compliment your message. In just a few moments you have easily created and shared a personalized ZAP video message.
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Creating and sharing photo based messages can be frustrating
…why type when you can talk?


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Use Pingz to make a ZAP (Zoom And Point) video message by selecting a few images and tapping record. Create a message up to 90* seconds long as you speak and swipe through your pictures. Double tap or pinch zoom and use the live pointer to highlight details and make your message remarkably clear. Pingz is the easiest way to create and share photo-based video messages with personality, clarity, and emotion. Pingz your friends, family or colleagues.

Your Pictures

Take a picture with the in-app camera, or select photos from your camera roll.

Your Voice

Record your voice as you swipe through your pics for a truly personal touch.

Your Point

Use the live pointers and zoom to create a personalized, crystal clear Zoom And Point (ZAP) video message.

Your People

Share straight from the app with the people that matter. It’s all built in.

New in Version 1.1!




What’s your Pingz style? You can use your personal video messages however you prefer.
Share a funny moment, communicate detailed instructions or market an event. There are plenty of possibilities for your Pingz video messages. Check out these videos messages made with Pingz! For more great example of Pingz video messages, visit our YouTube channel.



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Pingz is coming soon for Android.

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